Children & Sleep Apnea

The common type of sleep apnea found in children in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, caused by an obstruction in the airway (such as enlarged tonsils and adenoids). Some symptoms and signs of OSA in children are:

  • snoring
  • labored breathing while sleeping
  • gasping for air
  • very restless sleep
  • sleeping in unusual positions
  • changes in color
  • mouth breathing
  • bed wetting

Because OSA may disturb sleep patterns, these children may also show continued sleepiness after awakening in the morning or tiredness and attention problems throughout the day in school and other activities. Behavioral problems have been linked in some cases to sleep apnea as well.

Treatment for OSA in children involves keeping the throat open to aid air flow. This can often be accomplished with a dental appliance. Sometimes, your physician may recommend surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids. If you feel your child may be suffering from OSA, please set up an appointment to discuss options with Dr. Hoefs.