Craniofacial Pain Headaches & Migranes

Headaches have many causes.  The can be muscular (tension types) , vascular (migraines), or neuropathic (e.g. “pinched” nerves/damaged nerves) in origin.  These are examples of primary headaches.  They can also be Secondary headaches.

Pain the oral and facial regions, and around the head and neck regions can lead to sensitization of the central nervous system in susceptible individuals.  When this occurs the pain can become exaggerated.  This can be a trigger for vascular type headaches.  It can also increase muscle tension (tone) and increase the pain in head and neck muscles.  When this pain lasts for more than several months it is often considered to be chronic irritation.  Chronic pain can , and often does, become its own entity even after the structural damages (muscle/joint) have healed.  This is unfortunately a common problem.  Patients then need the help of a clinician trained in pain management to break the cycle of pain.

Secondary headaches are different.  These are “new” headaches, or headaches of sudden onset (‘worst’ headaches you have ever had).  These can be caused by tumors, hemorrhage, or other intracranial problems and should not be ignored.  Immediate evaluation by a Medical Doctor is needed to determine their nature.

CT Scanner & Cone Bean Computer Tomography (CBCT)
When indicated, we use this technology to view images of the head and neck assessing structures that are involved in TM Disorders.  Airway problems can also be documented such as nasal/sinus issues.